Kings Point Property Owners Association - Canyon Lake, Texas




Effective June12, 2017


The hot dry summer days are here. This week, temperatures are to be in the upper 90s. As things dry out, water consumption increases as we have higher volume watering with irrigation systems. After consulting with Bob and Ned, we have put together a new watering schedule as the number of even numbered homes outnumbers the odd numbered homes. While we have more than an adequate water supply, our pump cannot always keep up with demand. This reduces the height of the water in our tower and lowers the pressure.


The new water schedule will be as follows:


  • Even numbered addresses except those on Kingsbury will water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  • Odd numbered addresses and all houses on Kingsbury will water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


  • Please reserve Sunday for those living out of town and hand watering only.

Be a good neighbor and try to follow this schedule as low water pressure means problems for all of us.

We have plenty of water. Readings of our well have remained the same throughout the drought of several years ago to the latest reading two days ago. The problem is the capacity of our pump. We will try this schedule for a month or more. If we continue to have pressure related problems we may have to reevaluate the schedule and make changes.

Please water responsibly. For a healthy lawn, water for longer duration, with less frequency. That is, do not water every day for 10 minutes. It is much better to water once or twice a week for 30 minutes. Deep watering causes the roots to grow down deep into the soil, which will make for a healthier lawn that will withstand the heat much better.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Ron Stevenson

President Kings Point WSC