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State of Texa$
County of Comal

theis instrument was acknowledged before me on                        / .7'" day of

                    _ by Darryl $tegemoller, who personalfy appeared

subscribed to the within instrument who acknowledged to me that he/she
executed the same in his/her authorized capacity and that by his/her signature on
the instrument the person, or the entity upon alf of which the person acted,

executed the instrument.

         .$ryf&,. DEBoRAH J. STARTZ                           Notary Public, $tate of Texa$

       il>('J: MY coMMt$$toil $ptREs        Fil*rJ and Recarded

           ";fi,t;r;,1*i" January 30, 2013  Sf f rerai publ r* Reeards
                                            Jey Stre*ter,
AFTER RECORDING RETURN TO:                  t*rn*I fcr_rnty,  esunty  Clerk

Kings Point Property Association                              Texas
1228 Kings Point Dr                         08r 17,'?0rI5 fl'I : ZT: 46 pFl

Canyon Lake, TX 78133                       F:fiTHY


                                                                             YfnfUi  dE0'z-*s*a- -_I4*_*,
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